HK-MP45K-45 ACP  

RARE HK MP45K - 45ACP !!! This is one of 5  HK MP5 series 45 ACP Prototypes that Fleming manufactured back in the day, 3 MP5's & 2 MP5K's. We have 4 of these guns in stock. The guy we got themfrom got the 3 machineguns direct from Mr. Flemings wife several years ago & the MP5K SBR from a dealer in AZ.

According to the information I received the reason that there were only 5 ever made was becasue Fleming could never get them to run reliably & I can say from my experiace w/ these guns that would be true, none of them run 100% reliably but they are still very unique & rare finds. You may get your favorite HK mechanic to tune themup & get them working for you.

The one above is a HK MP5K in 45 ACP w/ threaded barrel (MAC 10/45 threads), plastic SEF lower, re-marked HK MP-45K, paddle mag release & Fleming sear installed. This is the best running of the 4 we have. It uses modified grease gun mags, comes w/ 1 mag as pictured.