INGRAM M10/9, Stephensville, TX MAC. These where purchased by  SWD (makers of the M11/9) at the MAC bankruptcy auction.
They were properly TIG welded & not spot welded  like the early TX MAC's

$7995.00 (NIB)
$7495.00 Excellent Used

FN / FNC Paratrooper, 5.56,  Made in Belgium, takes AR-15 / M-16 magazines. Has been
cut down to about the size of a MP5K, Lots of fun to shoot. Will only run on PMC ammo, I think it has an issue w/ the gas system that iscausing it to malfunction but I may be wrong. Will NOT accept a suppressor. The last time I shot it w/ a suppressor on it the hammer broke after a couple mags. Sent it to S&H & had a new hammer put in it. Comes w/ 1-30 rnd mag & original FN pistol grip cleaning kit.
Priced accordingly..

IMI UZI, regsitered receiver,conversion by JAC(Jonathan Ciener) w/ ratcheting top cover,
1 magazine & barrel that accepts M10/9mm suppressor very good condition.

Colt M16.Mod 614, excellent all original condition, NO PD Markings


Colt M16, all original configuration, excellent original condition. NoPD markings


HK MP5, regsitered receiver,  excellent condition, comes as pictured w/ 1- 30rnd
magazine, retractable stock, plasticSEF lower & rail interface handguards,
3 lug / threaded barrel

COLT M-16A2, excellent condition, burst marked,


Tippman 1919 minature 22;lr belt  fed machinegun, $22,500.00

Colt M4 AR15 SBR $995.00

Serbu Remington 12ga, Super Shorty AOW, $795.00


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